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Ashish Kumar provides Home Tuition in Noida & Greater Noida for personalized attention to a student. As you can watch in his YouTube lectures, he uses latest gadgets and modern teaching methods in his teachings. His explanation on real life uses of mathematical concepts is cherry on the top. All notes, assignments, practice questions and sample papers are provided by him free of cost. Students do not even need to purchase a textbook for their preparation.

He always says “My education and experience are only meant to share free of cost. It is the right of every person to get a chance for a better life before falling into the rat race.” Any person, irrespective of age, caste, gender, colour, religion or financial status, can watch his lectures free of cost on YouTube.

There are lots of demands regarding his personal attention. So, after a long thorough discussion with us, he is now providing Home Tuition in Noida & Greater Noida. However, home tuition will be paid to cover his expenses. If you want to have Home Tuition from him, please fill the contact form. Fee structure for home tuition is given below.

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Why Choose Ashish Kumar over Others? Find it, in his own words...

Ashish Kumar

Hello, I am Ashish Kumar!


Let me explain you the difference between a teacher, a professional and an artist. Also, why as an Artist I am different from a teacher and a professional?

With a little bit of research, you can easily find teachers having BA, BCom, BCA, BSc degrees and even B.Tech degrees, all of them teaching mathematics upto 12th standard. Why a person with degree like BTech prefers teaching over engineering and that too upto 12th standard? If teaching is his/her biggest skill, then why he/she is not teaching college students? He/she can easily earn atleast 3 times by teaching college students then upto 12th standard.

You can say unemployment rate is extremely high in India, they are not getting enough salaries and so on…, that’s why they are teaching. But think logically, is finding a decent job for a “good engineer” is that much hard? Look at these headlines and statistics, you will get your answer:

As, you can see majority of engineers are employable only for non-tech roles like BPO! You will be surprised to know that a person with BA is English is much suitable and preferable for these non-tech roles. I am giving example of engineers because BTech is the most overrated degree in India.

The point I am trying to make is majority of people opt for teaching because they think there will not be any tests or interviews to check their skills and they can easily fool students with their so called “degrees”.

In other words, they are desperate!

Teaching was never and will never be their first choice.

On the other hand, a professional (or professional teacher) is only concerned with his/her fees and time.

Neither he/she has anything except bookish knowledge, nor he/she wants to share anything other than bookish knowledge.

But I am not a teacher (atleast like them). I had taught my first group of Class 12 students when I was 17 years old!  Yeah, 17 years old! And I had also taught many of my class 11 and class 12 classmates. So, if that counts, I have been teaching since the age of 15!

I am here because teaching is something which comes naturally to me. It’s like an art. 

As an Artist, how much I am different or like professionals?

Well, it is something which you have to experience. No matter how hard I can try, words are meaningless to explain this.

However, you can get little bit of idea through my online lectures and other videos.