Set Theory English Explanations

Topic Set is a bit theoretical but it is one of the main prerequisite for Probability and Calculus in Math and Physics. There are hardly any derivations and direct real life applications of Set. But without this you are not going to understand the concept of Relations, Functions, Cartesian Product etc.
In this video lecture series, I am going to explain even the minor points related to set to lay a foundation for its use in Math and Physics.

Questions discussed in this video:

  • What is Set?
  • Use of Set in Practical Life?
  • Types of Sets in practical life?
  • What is set in Mathematics?

Topic discussed in this video:

  • Questions related to sets in Math for better understanding of its definition

Topic discussed in this video:

  • Representation of sets in math
  • Roster form / Listing Method
  • Set-builder form / Property Method