Lecture - 3

00:02:11 Displacement in two dimension (Displacement in a plane)

00:09:02 Average Velocity & Instantaneous Velocity in two dimension

00:17:55 Average Acceleration & Instantaneous Acceleration in two dimension

00:24:25 Equations of motion in two dimensions

00:38:19 Example 4.4 The position of a particle is given by r=3.0ti+2.0t^2j+5.0k, where t is in seconds and the coefficients have the proper units for r to be in metres. (a) Find v(t) and a(t) of the particle. (b) Find the magnitude and direction of v(t) at t = 1.0 s.

00:48:49 Working with Trigonometry Table of all angles

00:52:39 Example 4.5 A particle starts from origin at t = 0 with a velocity 5.0 î m/s and moves in x-y plane under action of a force which produces a constant acceleration of (3.0i+2.0j) m/s^2. (a) What is the y-coordinate of the particle at the instant its x-coordinate is 84 m ? (b) What is the speed of the particle at this time ?

01:02:49 Using Log Table in Calculations