13. Limits and Derivatives


  • This page has links to complete syllabus of NCERT Chapter 13 Limits and Derivatives based on syllabus recommended by CBSE based on class 11 maths.
  • There are 8+ video lectures having explanations from basic to advance concepts, each and every NCERT solutions, questions and all important examples. You can access them directly from the lecture menu or just scroll down the page.
  • All lecture were uploaded on YouTube so for better learning experience here you will find link to YouTube Playlist of Chapter 13 Limits and Derivatives.
  • Also, there are detailed highlights of each video lecture with exact timestamp links so that you can easily access all topics and questions directly.
  • Just click on the timestamp link and you will be redirected to video watch page at exactly that time.
  • You can ask doubts in Conic Sections at the end of this page.

YouTube Playlist
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Need notes for study

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Sir, Please provide us notes of limits...

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I want get pdf